As we come to the end of Women’s History Month, we recognize the invaluable contributions of women in traditionally male-dominated fields, and give a shout out to the women in construction who work tirelessly to build our communities and shape our world.

Although Women in Construction Week has passed, it’s never too late to acknowledge the impact of women in our industry. From engineers to builders, project managers to tin knockers, women have been breaking barriers and paving the way for others to follow.

Amanda Filpo, CWSM Local 28 Tin Knocker 3

Women’s contributions to construction have been largely ignored or undervalued. During the Industrial Revolution in the 18th and 19th centuries, women played a significant role in the construction of factories and mills, as well as in the production of textiles and other materials used in construction. Women have been breaking down barriers and overcoming challenges to establish themselves as skilled professionals in construction. However, women remain underrepresented in the industry. Data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reveals that women made up only 10.3% of the construction workforce in 2020.

So let’s take a moment to celebrate the women in construction who have overcome obstacles and shattered stereotypes. Your hard work and dedication inspire us all, and we are grateful for the trailblazing role you play in the industry.

There are now more women working in construction than ever before. This increasing representation is bringing new perspectives, talents, and skills to the industry. Women in Construction Week is an annual event that takes place during the first full week of March. The event is designed to highlight and celebrate the contributions of women to the construction industry.

On that note, there’s no better time to highlight the achievements of one of our own, Amanda Filpo.

Amanda Filpo, CWSM Local 28 Tin Knocker 2
Amanda Filpo is a CW Sheet Metal, Inc. Local 28 Tin Knocker who has been working for the Local Union 28 Sheet Metal Workers for eight years. Amanda is currently an elected Union Trustee and Women’s Committee President for her Local. As a Union Trustee, she helps oversee the finances for her Local and ensures that those working conditions, wages, benefits, and safety of construction workers are being followed to union standards. As Women’s Committee President, she helps build a community of sisterhood, where they mentor apprentices and get more women involved with Union activities and events.

Amanda values her union, the benefits, and opportunities to grow in her career. She finds sheet metal to be a highly skilled trade with many different aspects, such as shop work, field work, welding, drafting, TABB, architectural, and more. Amanda has spent her entire eight-year career with CW Sheet Metal, predominantly doing hospital work. Working through the COVID Pandemic in the Bronx hospital was a highlight. While everyone was home, she and her team were considered essential workers and helped build emergency COVID facilities to help with the patient influx. This experience has demonstrated the importance of sheet metal workers in the construction industry, especially during critical times like a pandemic. Amanda is proud to be a part of a higher standard specialized work at CW Sheet Metal.

Amanda Filpo, CWSM Local 28 Tin Knocker

For women looking to join the construction force, Amanda’s message is to “Take pride in your work, learn your industry, become well-rounded, and stay humble. You belong here and deserve to have a well-paid career and a great retirement. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do this type of work.” “The future is extremely bright for women in the construction industry. Being a part of the #Be4All committee with SMART, SMACNA, and ITI, Amanda has been able to witness it first hand. There are more women in construction now than ever before. Women add new perspectives, talents, and skills to this industry.”

CW Sheet Metal Inc. has been providing top-notch sheet metal services in all five5 boroughs and Long Island since 1989. With our own Local 28 Sheet Metal shop and a team of skilled professionals, we are recognized as an elite sheet metal company specializing in strategic work locations that require attention to detail and professionalism.

Amanda Filpo, CWSM Local 28 Tin Knocker 4

At CW Sheet Metal, we are committed to providing the best sheet metal services and creating a diverse and inclusive workplace. We are proud to have employees like Amanda who are passionate about their work and dedicated to making a difference in the industry.

Here’s to the women who build our future, and to the many more who will continue to do so. Happy Women’s History Month!

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