The synergistic relationship between CW Sheet Metal Inc. and Gil-Bar Industries maximizes the benefits of modular construction in the HVAC industry. CWSM Modular Division is an integral partner with Gil-Bar, helping to coordinate and install the modular operating ceiling systems that Gil-Bar provides.

The CWSM Modular Division is considered an expert modular systems installation team “who are trusted to ensure a ‘worry-free’ process.” The Division is flexible, able to accommodate dynamic project schedules, and knows how to get the job done correctly.

“We appreciate everything that they have done for us over the years and always look forward to working with them.”

— Andrew Mignola, Applications Engineer, Gil-Bar Industries

There are many advantages to Modular Construction in the HVAC industry. CWSM Modular Division and Gil-Bar most recent project this summer includes fully integrated structural systems with grid lighting, Laminar Flow diffusion screens, room side adjustable balancing dampers, filters, fire suppression, low voltage wiring, med gas manifolds, electrical prewire and other features.


  • Reduced coordination between trades and equipment suppliers.
  • Reduced install time by 75-85%.
  • Structurally sound systems that can support future attachments directly to ceiling.
  • Flexible systems that allows additional booms and location moves in the future.
  • A truly cleanroom system to meet the tightest air quality standards.

Installation Efficiencies

  • Significant reduction in installation workforce and duration of install vs. traditional stick built construction.
  • Express procedure room ceiling installation completion (one room per week) including boom structure, lights, HVAC & Lighting vs. 4 to 5 weeks stick built.
  • Express standard three-step wall installation (saving approx. two weeks per room) vs. conventional stick built construction.
    • Wall substructure
    • Utilities
    • Clip-on panels

For more information about The CWSM Modular Division, call (718) 729-3801 or email