Nelson Air’s newest division, CW Sheet Metal Silencers Division, is teaming up with Price Industries Noise Control to fabricate sound traps for the industry leading air distribution, critical controls, and noise control product supplier.

Price Industries is a privately held family company with six decades of expert knowledge and skill in HVAC and industrial equipment noise reduction. Price Industries Noise Control manufactures standard and custom duct silencers; air transfer silencers; complete custom acoustic panel enclosures; acoustic louvers; and cross talk, return air, circular, elbow, packless, and rectangular silencers.

The sound traps created by CW Sheet Metal Silencers Division are a critical piece of custom ductwork made with special materials to silence air coming through ductwork runs.

Nelson Air Device Corp. and CW Sheet Metal Inc. are committed to bringing our trademark quality, value, and excellence in the fabrication of these silencers and our partnership with Price Industries Noise Control.

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